Mastering Meat 1

Peter Goffe-Wood

Yuppiechef Cooking School

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Keen to master the art of all things meaty? Join legendary South African chef and TV celebrity Peter Goffe-Wood on a fiery and entertaining journey through the foundations of excellent roasting, frying, grilling and barbecuing.
Learn how to bring dishes to life with tasty accompaniments and chef-quality sauces and get all the skills and theory needed to conquer classics like roast leg of lamb, spatchcock chicken, homemade hamburgers, tender pork fillet and more.


Meat Basics
Introduction to the basics of cooking meat
The golden rules of mastering meat
Tips and guidelines for sourcing the right meat
A delicious rump steak recipe
Knife Skills LESSON 2
Knife Skills
A beginner’s guide to knife skills
Simple techniques to get you started
Choosing and caring for your knives
A chicken satay and spatchcocked chicken recipe
Rules for Roasting LESSON 3
Rules for Roasting
All you need to know about roasting
Top tips for perfect roasting
Temperature guidelines
A roast leg of lamb, roast chicken and roast sirloin recipe
Frying Fundamentals LESSON 4
Frying Fundamentals
The ins and outs of quality frying
How to fry the perfect steak
Meat cuts best suited to frying
A pan fried venison and stir fried pork fillet recipe
Brilliant Barbecue LESSON 5
Brilliant Barbecue
An introduction to the basics of barbecuing
Mincing and barbecue top tips
Heat-source trouble-shooting guide
A gourmet hamburger and lamb kebab recipe
Stocks and Sauces LESSON 6
Stocks and Sauces
An introduction to stocks and sauces
Top tips for great stocks and sauces
Techniques for thickening and enhancing sauces
Red wine, mustard and green peppercorn sauce recipes

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