Advanced Creative Haircuts

Stacey Broughton, Mazella&Palmer, Sarah Astley

MyHairDressers Limited

Stacey Broughton’s advanced creative haircut uses a combination of classic lines, layering and disconnection. Stacey starts with a clean square outline using the precision techniques of a classic one length. He is careful of tension, even dampness, and comb and scissor action used in their purest form to achieve a suitable balanced line. Stacey then layers through the interior to enhance the head shape.
The layering sits above the outline to push the hair and form an outward bevelled edge. Stacey then works an area of disconnection through the right-hand perimeter in the front. This flatters the face shape and provides an architectural detail and balance to the outline.
The final result is a refreshed vintage concept with echoes of this season’s haute couture.


Advanced Combination: Lines, Layers and Disconnection
Asymmetric Triangular Graduation with an Over/Under Fringe
Advanced Freehand
Soft Textured Multi Level Shape

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MyHairDressers Limited
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