ServingU Alcohol Certification

Michael J. Quinn, Ph.D.


Michael Quinn has served as Innovalearn’s president for one year. He has helped further Innovalearn’s progressive tradition through his meticulous research, targeted curriculum development, precise technical writing, and resonant voice over work. Dr. Quinn’s passion for education, instruction, and training has helped Innovalearn compete against its larger competitors and deliver leading edge learning management system training solutions. Dr. Quinn earned his Ph.D. in Education and Leadership at Florida State University (2011). He has three education degrees. Dr. Quinn has taught in America's poorest, most racially diverse public high schools (7 years), a public Tier One Research Institution (5 years), and everywhere in between. His research , curriculum building, instructor, trainer, teacher, literacy, statistical, and performance enhancement experience is unmatched. Michael Quinn provides Innovalearn with senior leadership, business development, strategic planning, project/workflow management, curriculum planning, script construction, voice over narration, and instructional delivery.


Lecture 1
Drinks 101 Trailer
Lecture 2 (05:03)
Defining Characteristics
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Exam 1
Defining Characteristics Quiz
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Lecture 3 (05:11)
Supplemental Material
Exam 2
Responsibility Quiz
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Lecture 4 (04:11)
Supplemental Material
Exam 3
Overserving Quiz
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Step 4
Lecture 5 (04:10)
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Exam 4
Comprehensive Final Exam
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Procedures Quiz
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25-45, 45-65
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Hotel, restaurants and catering
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Michael J. Quinn, Ph.D.
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By the end of coursee, you will be able to list alcohol's defining characteristics, describe alcohol's effect on the body, anticipate orders and make suggestions. to analyze different responsibility measures, describe relevant state laws and list establishment liability strategies. to identify intoxicated customers, list intoxication symptoms, list intoxication stages, and describe effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs. to construct an effective I.D. checking strategy, list false I.D. characteristics, and apply I.D. characteristics.
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Serving University Alcohol Certification
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