ITIL® Foundation Complete Certification

ITIL Training organization

The Art of Service

This online educational program is focused on assisting in a common understanding of IT Service Management principles and leads to an optional examination for the official ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.The program is aimed at enabling participants to understand the basic terms, concepts, and relationships between the ITIL processes and functions. The Foundation Certificate is the entry level within the ITIL IT Service Management certi-fication scheme.


- Short presentations supported by accredited trainer audio
- Downloadable resources (PDF documents)
- End of module review questions to assess your content knowledge
- A full 40 question sample exam to assist in your exam preparation

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IT service management

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Further education, Professional development
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Management and administration, Work skills
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ITIL Training organization
The Art of Service
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 Comprehension on Service management as a practice  Comprehension on The ITIL service lifecycle  Awareness on Generic concepts and definitions  Comprehension on Key principles and models  Awareness on Selected processes  Awareness on Selected functions  Awareness on Selected roles  Awareness on Technology and architecture  Awareness on Competence and training
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IT Service manager
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ITIL® Foundation Examination
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Accredited By: CSME and Loyalist Certification Services
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90 (days)
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